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It's Never Too Late!

I launched a business where I get to combine my love of curating marketing and business skills training with social media management and mentoring with avatar story boards for entrepreneurial women. I’ve recently added Instagram training. I love it!

Admittedly, being a middle-aged entrepreneur gives me an edge. For those women who think middle ages is too old to start their dream business – think again! You have way too much to contribute and there are way too many adventures waiting for you.

Adventures Ahead!

I’ve had multiple careers in my life – from corporate positions to freelancing tech contracts. There’s always been a pull to being my own boss. It wasn’t until I started a networking group for women entrepreneurs and curating weekly meeting with a speaker that a light started to shine through. Yes! I felt at home with these dedicated and super focused women. And so it grew into a group of greater than 850 women.

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