Are You an Insta Secret Agent?

Queue the story. Last week I was working with a client at one of my favourite cafés. Our discussion slid over to the audience demographics for my Staples Canada Instagram workshops when she said, “when they look down to the front and see an older white-haired woman, they might not take you seriously at first ….”

Ouch, right? 

But it was such a beautiful day – we were sitting on a beautiful treed patio with the bees hovering above and the coffee was delish – what could I say? 

Well, actually I laughed. 🤣 But more on this later.

Watch Those Inner Thoughts 🤯

When I started pursuing Instagram seriously as a business, I knew there was a possibility of being perceived too old for teaching the socials. After all, who would hire a silver haired female Instagram Specialist? It seems that the average Insta manager I meet in the Facebook groups and on Instagram are all well under 35.

This is why understanding your niche market in a very intimate way – understanding their inner and outer pains - is so important.

Target Audience / Avatar / Niche Market

I’ve had an avatar for each business I’ve started in the last six years so one of the first things I did was do my avatar work out. 🧗‍♀️

High level: She is a middle-aged entrepreneur who owns a specialty food or coffee business.

Introduction: Her name is Josette and she is middle-aged and owns two cafés here in Toronto and loves what she does. She travels as much as her business allows, but she is getting a little tired and wants more freedom, but not retirement kind of freedom – working and traveling anywhere kind of freedom. She is starting to think about selling her business to her younger manager and phase into doing something online. She’s not sure yet what that looks like, but she is excited about whatever it is.

Problem: Josette is looking to start ramping up the social media for her cafés, build up her list in preparation for her next phase of work/life and she wants some personal Instagram coaching. 

Solution: Who would Josette be most comfortable with sharing her lack of knowledge and insecurity around Instagram? Who understands Josette’s pain with cafés but someone who has had that experience. This is where I fit in and this is who my audience feels OK with admitting they know nothing about hashtags, analytics or Stories. 

Me and my silver hair! 🦊

Silver Hair Does Have Its Advantages!

This is why I can laugh when the topic of ‘age’ or ‘too old’ for the socials and competing with all those young ‘uns comes up.

My niche audience of middle-aged women entrepreneurs are becoming increasingly present on Instagram and I have the analytics to prove it! We are finding each other through the use of hashtags and other clever means. Whether they are managing their content themselves or having someone like me manage it, we are growing in numbers and I aim to be part of enabling that growing revolution. 👏

Happy Endings & Good News - There’s Room for All of Us!

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