CafeLifestyle Socials is a boutique social media shop with a passion for helping Specialty Food entrepreneurs reach the right audience and on their own terms. I've been doing this with CafeLifestyles Socials Networking group and now I've found a way through Instagram.

Does your Instagram account have the Blues?

We have solutions to help your Instagram account go from

singing the Blues to dancing in the streets! 

✔️ In-person Instagram Workshops

Go from beginner to advanced with Growing Your Business on Instagram workshops

✔️ In-house Training and Support 

We come to you! We offer a range of training options tailored for your business needs.

✔️ Done for You and Done with You Packages 

Instagram management – are you struggling to find the time to be consistent with posting, and, yes, let’s be honest - interest in writing captivating copy, let alone find images and grow your followers with those confusing hashtags?

We understand – that’s why we offer both Done for You and Done with You – we leave it up to you to choose how much you want us to take off your hands.

CafeLifestyle Socials Networking

Do you remember when networking was a place for women coming together to laugh, share business tips, connect with a mentor or business partner? CafeLifestyle Socials Networking is about connecting with your tribe.

Mark your calendar and connect with your tribe from 10-11:30am every second Wednesday of the month. 
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Wed, Aug 14
Wed, Sept 11
Wed, Oct 09


Staples Spotlight Series

Check out this series of 5 Instagram workshops offered as part of the Staples Studio resources for small business.

HUB, Inc.

Topic: Lead Generation

Date: Tuesday, Sept 10, 6pm - 9pm


✔️ Bite-sized Packages 

These packages are designed to boost your Instagram where you need support the most.  

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(private tutoring)

Dear Paulette, it is hard to describe the wealth of knowledge you have and provide through your personality.

As you also point this out that - each of us has something of value to offer and that we can present this as a way to serve each other and still monetize it in a way that enriches rather than depletes us.

I am happy that you chose Instagram as the platform to present on and get to know.


Sept 13, 2019

Hardess Planning 

Paulette is a fireball of focused energy who gives her business and her projects the love and attention required for success. She is thoughtful and reflective and applies that to generate inspired action to get things done!

Paulette jumped right into the work we did together to enhance her mindset and create new and better habits for personal and professional growth that continue to reap benefits.

She is a life-long learner and shares what she learns with other entrepreneurs so we can all rise up! Work with her and check out her next event - you'll be glad you did!

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